Dear Visitor,

My name is Gabor Herczeg, welcome to our home page. After a short introduction please let me recommend you the activities of our company.

I've been working in various fields of mechanical engineering since 1987 utilizing modern manufacturing technologies. I am a private enterpreneur since 2004. I've managed to start and strenghten my business with the active help of Ka-Span Kft.

I've manufactured various chipped parts to production lines and machines using CNC technology.

In 2015 me and my brother established Herczeg Mechanika Kft. The company was preconceived for small and mid-cap series production.
Our main goal was to serve companies primarily working on Hungarian electronic developments and manufacturing in a manner of marketable quality in the field of milling.

Recently we faced problems with the forward manufacturing of our masked, sinter painted parts mainly made of aluminum with special prescriptions due to the lack of sinter painters that can produce quality work in a strict timeline therefore we established our own sinter workshop in March 2020 primarily for our own painting solutions.


Metal Milling

We mainly use aluminum alloy, technological plastic, non-corrosive iron as raw material.

Milling Boxes

Other typical elaborations include the milling of moulded boxes, recessing space for plugs, screens, follow-up milling of composite plastic and aluminum boxes.

Sinter Painting

We manufacture boxes for precision devices according to their documentations - even with masked, covered sinter painting if needed - and anodised surface treated electromechanical components.



Our distinct aim is to serve our customers with the most excellent quality in this field.

If you feel that we could help you and your company with our activities please contact us on one of our channels and share your tasks with us that need to be resolved.

Waiting for your interest, best wishes,

Gábor Herczeg

Managing Director


Herczeg Mechanika Kft.
8638 Balatonlelle, Hunyadi János utca 5.

+36 30 247 5839
+36 30 255 9933



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